FORVARD was born to empower forward thinking organizations and business leaders to change the rules of the game by transforming the ‘people strategy’ game in their companies and enhance their business outcomes.

An alternative approach to a prevailing challenge  

We tackle workforce challenges with a holistic approach that has its foundation in peer-reviewed research findings in brain science and neurochemistry and the contemporary understanding of our biopsychosocial nature as humans. 

No one grows up dreaming of ‘work-life balance’. We long to do work that enriches our lives not jobs we’d feel the need to protect ourselves from.

About Beeta

Dr Beeta Balali-Mood is a life scientist (PhD, Medicinal Chemist) with over a decade’s experience in scientific research on the molecular basis of disease and development of chemical diagnostics and therapeutics.

She then transitioned to the commercial side of the life sciences industry; as a business development consultant, directly responsible for revenue growth for biotechnology and pharmaceuticals clients. Throughout which time she led multinational industry expert groups across Pharma and biotech focused on frontiers of innovation driving the future of life sciences. 

Applying a multidisciplinary approach, informed by cutting edge research in physiological and psychological drivers and impact of burnout, Beeta converges the contemporary understanding of underlying mechanisms deriving behaviours into transformational forces in the workplace.

About Beeta

Why Forvard?

Forvard brings an alternative science-backed, approach to the prevailing human capital challenges;

Providing a new vantage point that would enable organizations to disrupt and advance their existing HR practices.  
We partner with your organization to examine and streamline your talent attraction and retention strategy.

Grounded in scientific research & contemporary understanding of mind-body connection, we look at

  • Multidisciplinary approach to the holistic challenge of workforce vitality
  • Combining objective data & subjective insights
  • Taking into account: the perspectives of the workforce AND organizations

Why Now?

We are at a unique point in the evolution of work.

As we find ourselves in globally turbulent times,  it is more crucial than ever to ensure that we are functioning optimally -as individuals and organizations. & that starts with attracting & retaining the right talent.

The Covid-19 global pandemic accelerated the trends, opportunities and threats that were already emerging in the world of work; from digital transformation, cyber security threats to remote work & workforce performance & health.

Collectively, we have the power to leverage this potentially defining moment and change the trajectory of our workforce AND organizational health.

Interested In Diving Deeper?

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