At Fovard, our focus is on what matters most in your company; 

your workforce.

Understanding your people and what makes them tick holds the key to your company’s success.

 At an individual basis

  • Level of health & resilience of your workforce
  • How well matched your people are with their work and responsibilities
  • Level of access to resources to perform their professional duties and beyond that- thrive
  • How aligned your workforce’s values and worldviews are with that of the organizational culture

Additionally, How do the factors influencing team dynamics play into the picture?

A resilient, thriving culture, has it’s foundation rooted in individual and organizational health; in psychologically safe workplaces that afford to be curious, to question and to thrive.

Workforce Vitality and Wellbeing 

Your organization’s health and success hinges on your workforce, thriving.

What is your vision for your organizational health & performance? What does it take to have that vision, realized?

Your organization is run by multifaceted complex beings with unique genetic profiles, personalities & backgrounds that further refine and inform their individual senses of thriving.

Regardless of the nuanced differences, Health & vitality are our default states, but modern life, often synonymous with sedentary work, chronic stress, ‘celebrated hustle culture’ amongst other factors, leaves its mark in the form of various health conditions and lifestyle diseases.

G20 economies lose more than $1 trillion a year from preventable health conditions*.

  • What is the cost in your organization?
  • More importantly…How can you transform your organization’s approach to Work, Empower your workforce to thrive, Enhance your bottom lines AND Mobilize Change in local communities and the world at large.

*-in yearly productivity loss among those aged 50-64, Source: International Longevity Centre UK (IL), G20 flagship report 2022.

Talent Attraction and Retention

One size doesn’t fit all

We partner with your company to: 

  • Go beyond the traditional practices of recruitment & peel out the rehearsed learned behaviours that mask determining metrics. 
  • Unravel your organization’s turnover blind spots & retain the ‘right talent’ 

Taking into consideration: 

  • Generational factors
  • Cultural Attributes
  • Changing landscape of work & labor market’s response
  • Contribution of technological advances to the picture

Lead the way; Exemplify the Future of Work!